Illustration by Muskaan Singhvi

Illustration Credits: Naina Praveen

Illustration Credits: Shreaya Malhotra

Illustration by Shreaya Malhotra

Illustration credits: Mahati

Illustration by Naina Praveen

Illustration by Mahati Ramachandra
  1. Find someone who is marginalized. The more marginalized sections their identity intersects, the better. (If you are still confused, think of collecting Pokemons)
  2. Become friends with them. (Note: You don’t have to put in any actual effort, you could rant about your life and other problems to them. Use them…

Illustration Credits: Varshini Krishnakumar
  • International Black Magic…

Illustration Credits: Yookta Ahuja

  1. “I don’t know…

Kalinga Staff

Kalinga is the battlefield where Ashoka was humbled. In these pages, history repeats itself.

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